Immediately dehumidified for a safer home - your children will thank you

Immediately dehumidified for a safer home - your children will thank you

Many parents unknowingly threaten their children by letting them play in areas in the home where mold can be present.

To be noisy, too energetic creatures, children are often attributed to the basement. Many tired mother likes the cellar room as the next best for a child girl. But by doing so you can place them in the part of the home that is the moistestest. You would not work in a soft office, so expect your children to play where mold lives.

What to do

Therefore, if you find the basement damp a dehumidifier can be a cheap solution to this problem.

A dehumidifier is something of a crossbreed. There is a mix of fridge and air conditioning. It is designed to just do one thing - remove moisture from the air. No other device can also do this.

It is similar to an air conditioning because both will remove moisture from the air. But while an air conditioner cools the room, a dehumidifier will actually add heat to the room as it works. So at those times of the year when the room feels damp but the room temperature is already cool the dehumidifier becomes king.

Its a bit of a niche product. But for anyone with a damp room or basement, it can be a device worth valuing in gold.

Symptoms of overheating

Too much moisture in a room can make the air feel uncomfortable. It can even cause wood to swell and crack, which damages furniture, tables or wood products. Irreplaceable family treasures like stored clothes, photographic albums, pictures and books can be permanently damaged. Walls and floors (including carpets) can absorb too much moisture. Even metal is affected - primarily by roasting prematurely.

Without a dehumidifier there is an increased possibility of mold and mold build up on the walls. Both have been associated with increased incidence of asthma, especially in children. Adding a dehumidifier to your home can help your children in recent years.

They need some work from your side. This means you have to drain the water collection tank. Make sure that the one you have has a light to indicate when the bucket is full. It is easy to forget that at some times of the year there may be a few days to go. The indicator light reminds you quickly.

Also, make sure that it comes with a spigot at the bottom of the drain pipe. This is a threaded nozzle on the back of the machine that empties into the water tip. Some models have a hose connection connected to the water bucket itself - it works just as well. This allows a drain hose (an old piece of a grass hose) to be attached. This eliminates the need for the bucket. It will drain the water into the hose, which can be directed into a floor drain.

Do it all automatically

While most people leave them on the floor, some consumers install the dehumidifier above a sink to allow for easy draining. Over the zinc method works but limits the use to an area. Even regular maintenance, such as cleaning the filter becomes difficult. Just leaving the dehumidifier on the floor is usually more comfortable. Plus, it makes it quick to move to other rooms, if needed.

With a lawn hose supplied for drainage, the distance between dehumidifier and drain hole is practically unlimited. Keep in mind that the water will always flow downwards. Therefore, if the drain hole is lower than the drainage spigot on the dehumidifier, the water will run down the hose.

If you are unsure of the vintage to floor drainage levels, pour water into the hose dehumidifier and hose slowly into the air. Keep the drain line until water runs out at the bottom. (It may take some effort because the hose must be full of water for it to work). The level at which the water runs out is how high above the floor level the ducts dehumidifier end must be raised to ensure proper drainage. Once done, the dehumidifier becomes completely automatic. You must never empty the machine again.


A dehumidifier does not work efficiently if the room temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Below this temperature the cooling coils will start frosting up and very little moisture will be removed from the air. This usually happens at the same time as you start to feel the need to switch on the oven. Some dehumidifiers also have a sensor to turn them off when the room temperature is too low.

If the amount of water removed by the dehumidifier is released suddenly, the room temperature suspects. If this drop in water production appears to occur earlier in the season than last year, you also suspect a dirty filter or dehumidifier that requires maintenance.

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